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Principal Message

Principal Mesaage

Mr. Vikram.H.Londhe


Today’s age is known as Technology Age. The Age full with Excitement, Several Challenges and super specialty .Prosperity of any nation counted against its Industrial Growth. Globalization is become almost compulsory for every Nation. Quality work expected from each field. To meet the challenges of this revolutionary modern technology age one must prepare systematically and welcome the age with enough courage and Happy Mood.

Industrial Development quiet become very early need of this age and it characterized by Skilled Man Power, Modern Technology and effective Implementation of the Skills. We must have proud for two things one is to be Indian that is rich in culture and secondly we are the most youngest nation, in coming decade as we have the million of the young population in the Age Group of 20 to 30 years . Every youth is million value assets for Nation and is his development is very Important Task.. Traditional Education is suffered from Unemployment and soon it will become Outdated. But the need Technical and Vocational Education remain unchanged throughout the decade of the years . Every youth must decide to go for technical and Vocational Education for his future Prosperity Government of India Introduced Craftsman Training Scheme(CTS) in 195te0 to insure a steady flow of Skilled workers in different trades for the Domestic Industries to raise qualitatively

quantitatively the Industrial Production by systematic training, to reduce the unemployment among the youth by providing them employable training, to cultivate and nurture a technical and industrial attitude in the minds of younger generation . the scheme most important in the field of vocational training ,has been shaping Craftsmen to meet the existing as well as future man power need through the vast network of industrial Training Institute across the Country. Vande Matram , Jay Bharat, Jay Maharashtra. Principal :-Londhe V.H.

Vande Matram , Jay Bharat, Jay Maharashtra.
Principal :-Mr. Vikram.H.Londhe